Pigeon Pete

Pigeon Pete

7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Pigeon Pete is a small guy who can spark some big feelings. A fluffy Pom with cataracts, he looks like an eensy polar bear cub nesting in a feather boa until you stroke his tiny noggin. Then he perks up, unfurls his mega ears and leans in for pets. 100% doggo. Far from helpless, he is a miracle of resilience and fortitude who is looking forward to TLC and treats as needed in a forever home. He orients nicely to his surroundings, plotting paths to laps, sunny spots and delicious smells with confidence. Do you believe in love, scruff and tiny miracles? You will when you meet Pete.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

This boy loves to sleep! He’s still trying to get used to a new environment as a fella who is visually impaired. While blind, he can definitely hear, which is the best way to communicate with him. He perks his ears and tilts his head when you talk to him, and it’s the CUTEST. He hasn’t made a peep yet. He has shown some interest in learning the layout of our apartment.

He’s such a sweet dog who just wants to be loved, which tugs at your heartstrings. 10 minutes after meeting him, you feel like it’s your job to protect him at all costs.

Pigeon Pete Pigeon Pete Pigeon Pete Pigeon Pete Pigeon Pete Pigeon Pete Pigeon Pete