Terrier, Skye/Mix
8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

We only rescue senior dogs here at Muttville, but we made an exception for this senior Pokmon. Philly is fluffy, adorable, and fits neatly inside of a pokeball, really to appear when called. The only move he knows is "Look Cute which renders all enemies completely frozen with awe. But don’t worry, he promises never to use his powers for evil, only to acquire extra treats.

Here’s what his foster had to say about him:

“Philly gets a long great with kids and he gets very excited to go on walks and say hello to dogs and people. He goes up to every dog gently, but during the at home he just relaxes. He sort of nested on the bottom carpeted step and didn’t venture into every room. He had a couple of accidents on his first few days, but it may have been marking and he does seemed trained to go potty outside. He was timid to eat at first, but I have a small senior dog he got along with splendidly.”

We’re delighted to report that Philly is currently in a loving and caring home!

Philly Philly Philly Philly Philly