13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Oh no. We found another perfect dog that we all want to adopt. Everyone over here at Muttville HQ is about to start a brawl-winner adopts Petula. She’s soft, nice, calm… Can someone please step in and snatch her up before someone gets a black eye? Thanks. Hurry.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Petunia has perfect potty behavior with no accidents in the house.

Sis good at the dog park with big and little dogs. She is not that interested in other dogs and mostly likes to sniff.

Petunia does not bark much or at all really, she is really quiet. She gets the zoomies at night a bit and does want to play at night. She loves to roll around in the house and at the dog park. At the moment she does not seem very interested in toys but i don’t have that many.

She is a great walker and walks very strong and well on a leash. She does sniff but is not a every tree sniffer and really insistent on sniffing for long periods. I would definately say she could do some longer walks as long as its not too hot.

She wants to sleep with her person in bed but is corrected and will sleep on her bed on the floor. Petunia loves food and treats and is very food motivated. She has no separation anxiety detected. I had to leave the house a few times without her for just a few minutes and no barking was heard.

Petunia really is gorgeous and very sweet. She is really not that clingy also and pretty independent and not following me at all times. She loves pets but is not insistent that she sit on your lap. Also she was good in the car when we drove home (very short drive).

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