14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Do you love snuggles? White fluffy dogs? Perry is the guy for you!

Perry is a super sweetie and stellar snuggler. He loves being close and getting all the love. He’s also very cute! When he arrived at the shelter before he came to us his coat was very overgrown and matted, so he now has this short summer cut. Perry enjoys the company of other dogs; he lived with several in his previous home.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Hi, I’m Perry or ‘Perry Berry’ as my Foster Mom likes to call me. I’m a sweet and playful Maltipoo. I like to go on walks, eat food (I’m a pretty good eater!), and play with balls. I can chase them back and forth in the house all day!

Right now I’m living with an 11 month puppy who is OK, he’s not too much in my face which is great, I appreciate the mellow company. When my foster brother goes to Daycare is my favorite because I get my Foster Mom and her attention all to myself.

For my new life, I would probably like to share my space with another senior mutt who is super mellow. I’m also house trained and let my mom know when I need to go out. I’ve been through a lot of change the past few weeks so I’m looking for a home that is stable but also fun and where someone is around most of the time (or will take me with them)!

We’re delighted to report that Perry is currently in a loving and caring home!

Perry Perry

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