8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

You would think a guy named Payroll had something to do with time cards. Actually, it’s a reference to his chins. A super senior chi in a lustrous brindle coat, he does not lack for velvet dewlaps. He also has special ears and plenty of energy for puttering, sniffing and short walks. He’s not going to fetch anyone’s pipe and slippers, but Payroll is always ready to cuddle and listen to the latest news, baseball scores and some Miles Davis, if you’ve got it. A lap, a bed and thou is all he requires. You’ll be paid handsomely in snoogs and kisses.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Payroll is such a special little potato-shaped dog. (I think he’s a pug-chi mix since he’s pretty much all pug aside from the smooshed nose/curled tail and has beautiful brindle coloring. And since he doesn’t have the smooshed nose, he doesn’t seem to have awful breathing issues!) He’s pretty laid back and easy to take care of.

He likes napping and hopping around our yard during potty breaks, and LOVES food. He is fairly quiet, but does talk if he wants something. He can be quite sensitive, so if there’s an alpha dog in the house, he can easily get pushed around, so he just needs a house with chill dogs. He’s such a fun, sweet old man who will make a great companion!

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