14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

This bright and colorful little Pom/Chi is anything but bland. He loves hard and lives fast. Care to take a seat on the sofa? Paneer will be the first to snuggle right up next to you! He’s a friendly boy who enjoys the company of other dogs. If you ever need a helping hand, Paneer will be the first to volunteer himself. You really can’t pass this perfect pup up, he’s always sweet and anything but cheesy!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Is there a pal as perfect as Paneer? He’s flawlessly house trained and never pulls on leash. He’s completely relaxed during brushing/combing sessions. Yesterday afternoon we walked to the dog park and he sniffed some of the dogs there. He barked at one dog who got in his space and they backed off, so all was good. His barking is also triggered by bicycles and motorcycles but he stops when I tell him "No. He is a great cuddle buddy so if you love to cuddle, he’s the one for you.

So far, I’ve seen he can do stairs and is housetrained. He LOVES to go on walks. He would be a good candidate for hikes as well. He is not what I would call a couch potato. He is ok w cats, also small dogs. The swelling has gone down quite a bit. Paneer is quiet and affectionate. He enjoys eating.

This morning, we got up at 8am. He went pee promptly in the yard, then had breakfast. He sleeps well through the night and wakes up ready to go! We went for a walk around the block after breakfast, then I gave him a bath at Pet Food Express. He was mostly calm and very cooperative with the blow drying and ear cleaning. Afterward, he took a long nap, completely oblivious to the contractors coming through my house. He loves to lie in his dog bed or on the carpet, and frequently rolls over for belly rubs. He’ll occasionally lift his paws onto the couch to ask to be on your lap for cuddles.

Paneer is a very versatile little cotton ball who is happiest on walks but also happy to chill at home.

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