Greyhound/Pitbull mix
Large (50-90 lbs)
Status: In memoriam

Meet Paco, a real gem! Paco is as gentle as they come. He’s good with dogs, children and even chickens.

I find it funny that Paco’s full given name is Apacolypse!!! We have turned that into “Paco Lips” here. Seriously this is the easiest foster dog we have ever had.

Paco is a sweet and charming companion with just the right amount of sass. He is the very definition of an “easy-keeper”. You want to hang out and be lazy – he is happy to sleep at your feet. You want to go for a walk – he is excited to go with you! You need to go run some errands and can’t bring him with you – he will gladly nap at home and greet you when you get back with his softly wagging tail. He is good with dogs, cats and every person he meets, be they big or small. He has great leash manners, great house manners and likes car rides. Future adopter, you hit the jackpot with this soft, sweet boy!

We think he is 12 years young and weighs in at 50 pounds

Paco Paco Paco