5 lbs (toy)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Orlie is a tiny chi chi with some wobbly leggies, and is the bravest of the brave. She won’t need leggies to get around anyway, as long as she has you to carry her in a pouch like an itty bitty kangaroo (she even kind of looks like a kangaroo! hmm!)

Here’s some notes from her foster

We’ve been fostering Orlie for about 6 months. She is a very sweet girl who just started walking with all her legs! She is calm and gets along with my three chihuahuas well. She loves to eat and gets very excited at dinner time. She goes to the backyard to do her business. In the past when she couldn’t use her hind legs, we would carry her to the backyard every few hours. She would bark when she wanted water or a belly rub or a treat:) We serve her like a queen . Her highness also loves to play. She knows sit, hand hand and roll over. We love her! thanks to muttville, after 3 leg surgeries, she is walking and using her hind legs. She loves to walk around the backyard and smelling the flowers. At dinner, she is always waiting by the kitchen.

We feed her home cooked meal every night. Usually she loves ground meat with vegetables or salmon or sardine with quinoa. She doesn’t have any teeth, so only soft treats for her.

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