Spaniel/Mixed Breed (Medium)
33 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Some of our favorite mutts are the ones who arrive a little shy and scared, and then blossom into happy campers. Omelette is a beautiful girl who sat in the corner at first, but then found a friendly volunteer and was all smiles and cuddles. She is perfect: soft, smushable, sweet,- in short, a dog everyone wants to take home.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

“Meet Omelette! Are you tired of finding hair in your eggs? No problem, Omelete is very low shedding. In fact, she has the best of both worlds. Her head is soft for the unlimited pats you will give and her body is wiry for the easiest to rinse baths. She is very loving and loves to lick your face!

Despite her upbringing, Omelette seems to already be house trained and knows how to go potty outside. She is extremely friendly to everyone she comes across and does well with anyone and any dog no matter the size. On walks, her tail wags whenever someone passes by. She does very well on a leash and walks along side me at a heel. She shows no reactivity and is very calm. She loves her short walks and napping the rest of the day. With every step, her ears flip flop.

Omelette’s favorite spot in the house is under a wooden chair at the dinner table, which she shares with one of the resident dogs. It is dim and cozy, plus there’s the bonus of crumbs that may be dropped! She also loves the couch but stretches herself out as much as possible. Omelette loves food, she is very food motivated and is easy to train for the basics. A crinkle of a bag will have her teleporting.

Omelette does very well with all sorts of dogs but can be shy at first, especially if they bark at her. After a while she gets used to them. Zero aggression. She also does well with pet rabbits. She would be a great apartment dog as she is so quiet and calm!"

We’re delighted to report that Omelette is currently in a loving and caring home!

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