21 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

There are good jobs, bad jobs, dirty jobs and freelance jobs. But the very best job is Oddjob. If you’ve been looking for the perfect henchman to join you on secret missions, this quirky fluff is your guy. Oddjob is happy, friendly, and will turn any mission impossible to a mission Pawsible.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Oddjob is an extremely loving and sweet boy that gets attached super fast to his human and he is inseparable once he chooses who that is. He will keep his eye on you the best he can because he is selfless and very sweet! He feels safe knowing his humans are around and will be peacefully asleep while they’re are near.

He is already potty trained! He is an extremely mellow mutt who loves pets and, very long naps (power naps are not his thing). He is not destructive at all, doesn’t chew on a thing. He loves going for his walks and is always one step ahead of you, with occasional check ins to see if his human is okay.

When enjoying the outdoors, he is energized and ready to roll, he is willing to give you company for as long as he can and is willing to fight the crowds and people along the way. Crowds of people doesn’t bother him! He loves all humans and is very comfortable with being around them, popping onto their laps when he has a chance

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