Chihuahua, Long Coat
6 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Meet Nutella, the apple-headed Chihuahua, a little shy at the start, but oh, she’ll steal your heart. With a doll baby charm, she’s a cuddly treat. Nutella’s cuteness is undeniable, her fluffiness absolutely reliable.

Her charm’s as sweet as his name, Nutella, a tiny wonder, a love lady. Don’t let the shyness fool, give her a chance, she’s nobody’s fool. In a snuggle, she’s a pro, watch her go, a cuddle maestro.

So, adopt Nutella, this little charmer so mellow, and watch as your days turn to Jell-O. In her tiny embrace, you’ll find joy anew, because in Nutella’s eyes, it’s all about you!

Nutella Nutella