12 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

The California gold rush had its start in 1848, and we are still striking gold in 2024! Nugget is a highly valuable solid chonk of gold with a beard and eyebrows fluffy enough to make any prospector envious. This little adventurer is always on the hunt for the next big treasure-whether it’s a new toy or a tasty treat. Nugget’s scruffy and adorable appearance is just as remarkable as his heart of gold. He’s ready to strike it rich with a forever family who can appreciate his loving eyes and happy-go-lucky energy. Adopt Nugget and discover the priceless joy and companionship he brings.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Little scruffy Nugget is the sweetest little guy once he feels comfortable with you. At first, he is reserved – not wanting to be touched or picked up so he needs patience as he gets to know you. About a few days in, he will slowly open up and start to follow you and investigate things. We don’t think he hears very well or at all, so this could be why it takes him a minute to warm up. We have only heard him bark once and never when the neighbor dog is barking.

He enjoys a short walk outside to get some good sniffs in. I would suggest NO stairs in his forever home because he has some mobility issues and he struggles to get up them. For the most part he will let you know when he needs to go outside to potty. He is a good sleeper, sleeping through the whole night. We have had no problems getting him to eat or drink water. He is good with other people and especially enjoys our teenager.

We are working on car rides since they do make him nervous. He has good energy and will run around in excitement when you come home. He is a great little dude who needs patience in his next home and probably someone who is home more than away so he can sleep next to you in his bed. I believe as Nugget establishes that trust with his forever home he is going to be such a wonderful little companion. And did I forget, he has the softest hair ever!

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