Chihuahua, Short Coat
11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Nilla is the sweetest little wrinkle head. Little Nilla comes to us from Stockton where she was found as a stray. She is a shy, and very sweet girl and just wants to find her own place to call home. She really seems to enjoy the sunshine and a warm blanket. She loves to be held and to get pets. She is still learning all about living in the city, and getting her footing after all the changes. If you are looking for a quiet, gentle and adorable mutt- Nilla is the one for you! She is so cute!

Here’s what her foster has to say:

Our special little Nilla girl, what can I say? We call her ‘Nilla the Brave’ because even though she is a shy girl, she is still so loving, sweet and ready to make friends with gentle humans.

Nilla is a quiet little girl (she has never barked or even yipped!) but still loves to be the princess of the little dog party with puppy bows and ‘chase me if you can’ moves. Nilla adores other little dogs her size and is very dog friendly, loving to play with her foster brothers.

She also enjoys a good conversation and lets you know by rapidly wagging her tiny tail whenever her name is crooned. Nilla adores a sunny spot on the couch, especially if it is next to her humans. Though shy at first, Nilla is so generous in her love and affection once she feels safe.

Sweet ‘Nilla the Brave’ will thrive in a calm household with a dog friend her size and a person who enjoys all the big love her little heart brings to her family.

Additional Foster Notes:

I had the pleasure of caring for Nilla while her foster parents were out of town for a week. Nilla is such a BRAVE soul! In less than 24 hours, she started to settle in and enjoy our home and attention. She may be a bit sensitive, but she is filled with joy and love too! She just needs to learn to trust you, and take things at her own pace.

A home without stairs would likely be best for this girl, as she gets a bit scared of having to be picked up to do stairs. Within 48 hours she was play-bowing, sharing her silly side, and seeking more pets and attention. A patient, caring person will be rewarded with SO much love if they are willing to give this girl her own time to settle in.

Nilla isn’t a fan of walks on leash yet, but in time, we hope she will be. In the meantime, access to a yard or patio and lots of ability to go outside with encouragement and her housetraining is really coming along! This special girl sleeps through the night, is quiet and sweet, and as scared as she may get, there isn’t an ounce of aggression is her adorable 10lb frame!

We’re delighted to report that Nilla is currently in a loving and caring home!

Watch Nilla play, she is so cute!
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