18 lbs (small)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Neville Longscruff is a high-ranking Good Boy with a passion for botany. His grey beard is extremely misleading, as he doesn’t act a day over 40. Neville is looking for his missing white sock for his right foot and his forever person. We aren’t sure we can help with the sock, but don’t worry Neville-your forever person is reading this bio right now.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Neville is happy, loyal, grateful, eager to please and delighted to be near you. He is enthusiastic about toys, dinner, going for a walk and greeting you when you come home. He’s unassuming and quiet at home. In short, he’s a dream.

When he first arrived, he was terrified. He was a stray, found hiding in a bush. At first he didn’t know what to make of people. He’d let you pat his head but would flinch if you got anywhere near his back. He’d look expectantly but slink a little bit – hoping for a friend but wary of whatever else might happen. He would sleep on the floor, not in a bed – not your bed, not a dog bed, not even a blanket.

It only took two weeks for Neville to have fun, enjoy life, and fall in love with people. Now he loves to run (the beach is his favorite) and is excited when he meets new people. He’s excited about everything, really, with an innocent joy that looks like he’s enjoying himself for the first time. It’s infectious!

After the initial rush of puppy energy, he walks well on a leash (though if he’s walking with another dog he’ll try to go faster). He’s agile and will bound up the stairs or up a hill. He will check back frequently in new places.

He’s great with other dogs. He sometimes starts out a little too sniffy for some dogs, but he’ll quickly compose himself and behave politely, playing if they want to play and staying away if they don’t. He gets along beautifully with my other two dogs, not trying to horn in on food or pats.

He sleeps in a dog bed the whole night through. He’ll come up on the sofa if you invite him. He’s affectionate – and he LOVES being loved – but never pushy. He seems housetrained – no accidents here. He would really love a backyard that he can stroll around in.

I can’t think of a negative except he has zero training – has no idea what "sit or "stay are – though I think he’d be thrilled to learn.

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