9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Every morning Nelson gets up super early to start his shift at the post office. He delivers mail around the Laurel District in San Francisco. He is a creature of habit. He starts of his morning at 4 am when his cow alarm wakes him up by shouting “moooo wake up don’t sleep your life away.” He never presses the snooze button. He jumps up, throws on a fresh pot of coffee, and waddles into the shower. After a quick shower, Nelson throws on his uniform and fills his thermos. 2 sugars and a splash of creamer. He’s always out the door by 4:25, no sooner, no later.

Everyone adores him on his route. They know him on a first named basis, and some even enjoy meeting him at the mailbox every morning to get their mail hand delivered and catch up with him about current events. He is the loyalist guy in town. If you like sticking to a set schedule Nelson is the perfect man for you! If you love chaos, that’s ok too! Just don’t be surprised when you come home to find your dishes washed and your dvd collection in alphabetical order!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Nelson is an absolute sweetheart!

I have only been fostering him for three days but he has settled in very well to my home . He loves everyone. He loves to follow you around the house and sit in your lap. He especially loves to burrow himself under blankets!

He walks well on a leash and gets around at his own pace but he gets around just fine for an 11 year old senior! We took short walks with neighbors and friends and their dogs on the bay trail and he did fine. We even stopped for lunch at a dog friendly outdoor cafe . He did well in the doggie car seat after he got used to it.

Nelson loves to eat! I’m been feeding him the farmers dog . He goes crazy over chicken! For the most part, he potties outside while on a walk or in the backyard. He’s had only one accident in the house. He got a bit vocal trying to understand how my magic mesh screen door worked ! It was the first time I heard him bark . He was so cute . He will bark and let you know when he wants your attention ! He’s getting more confident everyday ! What a cutie !

We’re delighted to report that Nelson is currently in a loving and caring home!

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