Mustang Sal

Mustang Sal

10 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

sung to the tune of Mustang Sal by Wilson Pickett

Mustang Sal! How could you slow this doggo down?

Mustang Sal, now puppy, guess you better wag your tail around (oh yeah)

You been running all over the town now!

Oh! We never wanna put your feet on the ground

(We will hold you forever)

All we want to do is ride around with Sal

Ride, Sal, ride

Here are some notes from his foster:

Looking for your ride or die? Look no further, this adorable little low rider’s your guy. Mustang Sal warms up quickly and when he does, you’re in! Sal will happily follow you around – he loves copiloting car rides, going on nice walks, and just generally doing what you’re doing. Mustang Sal loves other dogs, and his tail will immediately wag when he sees a buddy while out for a walk. He pays his feline foster brother no mind, and he will do well in a house with or without any gentle furry friend. He’d prefer a calm brother or sister, puppy energy can be a bit overwhelming for an older gent, but he’ll let you know with an endearing, gruff growl (he’s a communicator!) or by running over to have you lift him into your lap.

Sal’s favorite pastime is sleeping followed closely by eating. At night he burrows deep under the covers and snuggles up against his foster mom. He loves a good fuzzy blanket to snuggle on the couch, in the car, and wherever adventure takes him.

Mustang Sal will generally tell his foster mom when he needs to go out, though he sometimes needs to be reminded (especially first thing in the morning or when waking up from a good nap) His foster mom thinks that’s understandable given all the changes to his routine and daily life over the last couple months, and he should adjust well once home.

Mustang Sal is a great city guy. He’s not easily startled by loud cars or city noises, and he loves exploring and sniffing wherever his foster mom and him go. He’ll happily hang out in his person’s arms and is a complete love. Sal is such a sweet guy, and he’s going to make his new family so happy!

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