Mrs Maisel

Mrs Maisel

Kelpie, Australian/Shepherd
35 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Mrs. Maisel is gorgeous, funny, slender, and is not particularly concerned with social norms. She is absolutely charming in every way. She can do stairs and long walks easily, and would do best with a human who likes to get out and about with their furry companion.

Here is what her foster had to say:

Mrs. Maisel (or Maisie as she is known here) is a fireball! She loves to run, play ball, run circles around you while you’re taking a walk. Maybe she’s herding? She does ballerina-level jumps and leaps!

She is sweet-tempered and she sleeps through the night, appears to be housebroken, and is always hungry. She could probably gain a pound or two!

She is friendly to people and friendly to dogs. She loves loves LOVES the person who takes care of her. If that’s you, count yourself lucky because this kind of love does not come every day!

Mrs. Maisel (or Maisie) is such a sweetheart, She’s an energizer bunny and can keep up, if not outpace my 3 year old dog. She loves to play fetch, but hasn’t yet learned how to drop the ball though she’s a quick learner and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for a treat or two.

She was initially nervous when she came home, but within a few days has already developed confidence and made herself quite at home. She’s been trying to sleep directly on top of my legs and always wants someone to hold her paw or give her some pets. Her love for people means we can go anywhere, and she’ll make sure she’s always by your side. We went to the dog park, and she stayed close by and was more fixated on the tennis ball than interacting with other dogs.

Maisie is overall a quiet dog but if she’s left alone or doesn’t get the attention she so desires, you may hear some light whines to bring your attention back to her but in time as she’s gotten more comfortable in our house, she’s become more independent. She’s quite the cuddle bug and would make a great hiking or adventure companion.

We’re delighted to report that Mrs Maisel is currently in a loving and caring home!

Mrs Maisel Mrs Maisel Mrs Maisel Mrs Maisel Mrs Maisel