17 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

The most influential composer. A genius at mastering music from every genre. Everyone has their eye on Mozart. He may be unable to see his audience but the work that he does with his nose and paws makes up for it ten folds. He excels at navigating himself around a room and he memorizes every piece of furniture and every key on the piano. If you ever want to have beautiful music surrounding you at all times, Mozart can make that happen. This sweet Poodle / Schnauzer mix promises not to disappoint!

Here are some notes from his foster:

Hi there! My name is Mozart and I’m the best boy there ever was!

I’m a sweet boy who just likes to snooze and cuddle. I’m mostly blind but smart as a whip – it only took a day for me to learn the layout of my foster mom’s home. Because I’m blind, it’s important that the layout of my home doesn’t change much, and that things aren’t left laying on the floor and doors are left consistently open or closed. You can help me adjust by walking me around the home on a leash the first day. I might bump into things on occasion but I’m a fast learner. I just got a halo harness that I’m still learning to use, too! I also take my eye ointment like a champ if you massage my face and follow up with a delicious treat afterwards.

My favorite toy is the snuffle mat, because I get to use my excellent nose to find hidden treats! How fun is that?!?! I love to sleep on the bed with you but need assistance getting up and down. I like my own doggie bed too, though.

I’m not a big fan of being left alone, so it really helps if you leave some of my music playing, or maybe an audio book where I can hear people’s voices and not feel so alone.

I haven’t had any accidents while I’ve been at my foster mom’s house. I HATE the rain, though, and may refuse to go out unless you have an umbrella for me. And sometimes, when I walk outside and it’s cold and damp, I get a little melodramatic with reverse sneezes so it sounds like I’m choking. I’m not.

Won’t you please consider taking me home with you? We can just stay inside on cold, wet days and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and I’ll be the happiest boy ever.

We’re delighted to report that Mozart is currently in a loving and caring home!

Mozart Mozart Mozart Mozart