8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Monopoly’s slogan is coincidentally closely aligned with that of Muttville: old is gold. Monopoly is a very cute black and white short-haired chihuahua. He enjoys taking short walks to survey the properties he has collected (top hat optional, depending on his mood), but Monopoly never hits the town without his cutest accessory – his irresistible tongue blep. Monopoly is looking for a calm home where he can spend his golden years tranquilly passing go and collecting $200 with ease. He’s a loyal friend to all that is happy to share his get out of jail free cards with pups and humans alike. Feeling like a millionaire doesn’t have to be a board game fantasy – Monopoly will make you filthy rich at heart, so come meet him today!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Monopoly is a sweet little old man. He’s taking a little bit of time to get his bearings. He will do easy stairs with a low rise and a long tread. He might not have great depth perception. I tried having him on my bed but he would fall off if not watched and hasn’t figured out the on ramp/off ramp on the side yet.

He’s an excellent prancy walker and will sit when he’s tired and wants to be carried. He’s housetrained. Eating is a ferocious time for him, which I guess is good since he’s currently on the skinny side. Small soft treats are best since he doesn’t have a lot of teeth.

I haven’t heard him bark, but he does have a plaintive call – not really a whine or a grunt – when looking for some place to settle.

Monopoly has moderate stamina for short walks. He is pretty social on walks and enjoys greeting other dogs of all sizes. He does fine with my cat in the home; they mostly ignore each other. He warmed up to me after the first night and then started following me around, and seeking my lap if I’m sitting. Loves to cuddle. He definitely craves affection!

We’re delighted to report that Monopoly is currently in a loving and caring home!

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