8 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

He may be an oldie, but he sure is a goody. He might not be able to break dance, but he can sure has one heck of a prance. He doesn’t have the biggest bark, but this Chi Chi will most definitely steal your heart. Mister is always happy and full of spunk, his favorite music to groove to is sometimes funk and other times punk. His extra large ears stay on high alert, just in case you need some extra lovin if your feelings get hurt. He promises to always be a good boy, as long as you get him an occasional toy. This guy is ready to be your new best friend, and will stay by your side until the very end!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

I have Mister’s little bio to report as well as some photos!

Mister may be small but he has a big heart. Don’t let his initial shy demeanor fool you – he’s quite a peppy gentleman! Mister loves to make new friends with other dogs and never misses an opportunity to introduce himself (he’d be a great addition to a family that already has a pup and is looking for a brother). He’s truly a “good boy” in every sense and is quite the mellow fellow. He’s a cuddle bug and would be a great companion for someone looking for an easy-going and low-maintenance pup – he doesn’t ask for much but will want to follow you around the house to make sure everything’s in order.

Mister’s favorite pastimes includes visits with other pups, short walks, cuddles and he LOVES music (favorites includes soft jazz and norah jones) as well as TV which we’ve noticed he likes to have on in the background as the sound is comforting to him (favorites includes love island and the discovery channel). A couple quick facts about Mister are below:

Mister does not bark – he’s a very quiet respectful chap

Mister is potty trained

Mister is not a picky eater

Mister does not chew on furniture or shoes (he much prefers treats!)

Mister will try to crawl into bed with you or hop up on the catch – and fair warning – he’s hard to say no to

Mister Mister Mister Mister Mister