Miss Cecelia

Miss Cecelia

Chihuahua, Short Coat
6 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Cecelia the snow pup, has her fur made out of snow. With the largest ears and a heart shaped nose and she loves to beg for bones! Cecelia the snow pup is as sweet as she can be. She loves to chill all day and make friends along the way, Please adopt this lady today!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Have you ever heard of tippy tapping? Well, tippy tapping aka tippy tappies were made for Miss Cecelia. She is the tippy tapping queen if you will. She’s a spry little (and I mean little she’s only a whopping 6 lbs) girl who loves her walkies maybe even more than cuddles if that’s even possible. Cece spends most of her days lounging on the comfiest spot available or searching for a person to snuggle with her.

Cece also known as princess bonded with her foster mom extremely quickly and does the same with pretty much anyone who will snuggle her. She loves to be my copilot on car rides even though she would much rather the view from my lap. Cece loved meeting other dogs and has yet to meet one she was immediate best friends with. Though she has lots of besties she’s passed the time in her life where puppies romp and wrestle. She would rather snuggle and mingle with her canine and feline friends.

Cecelia may be small but she has Great Dane sized personality. She can brighten a room with her wiggly tail and tapping toes. Cece has no problem going up and down the stairs outside and can easy jump off the couch and out of the car (though she does need some help getting up into both with her little legs).

She is not a barker. In fact, she’s really quiet. She spends most of the day sleeping. We take her outside to potty and she knows to go outside.

She loves meeting new people and will seek them out for head scratches.

Enjoys being pushed in the stroller (photo included!) actually including a few pix.

Although she likes to be near her fosters, she does not mind being left alone at home. When leave her for a few hours, all she does is sleep.

She basically wakes up, goes potty, scarfs her food and pills, enjoys some sunshine and then settles in to sleep for several hours. Then she wakes up and does it all over again. She sleeps soundly all night too.

Miss Cecelia is a mellow, loving, happy go lucky, and friendly girl. Anyone would be lucky to call her their own!

We’re delighted to report that Miss Cecelia is currently in a loving and caring home!

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