13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Miles brings miles and miles of tan chi cuteness with his big brown eyes, pink nose and pert folded ears.

This quiet sweetie is an accomplished lap sitter, ready for cuddle time and lots of love! Do you have a vacancy he can fill? He’s also qualified to occupy any cozy beds you may have lying around. So helpful! Miles isn’t only about the snuggles; he’s also be happy to join you for jaunts around the neighborhood.

Here is what his foster has to say!

Miles is an energetic, always-happy little guy with the big heart. He likes to climb into your lap and shower you with kisses. He’ll sleep in your lap for an hour or more while you watch TV or attend an online work meeting. After his nap, he’ll stretch and show you the true meaning of the downward dog yoga pose. He loves to sniff around on his daily walks and no pole or bush is exempt from a thorough inspection.

He does not seem to be aware that he is a “senior” dog and will stand on his rear two feet when he wants you to hold him, run up and down the stairs when its times to go on our daily walk, and enthusiastically play with the humans (…after which he catches up on a well-deserved nap).

At night, he builds a nest for himself in his doggie bed with a bed sheet and will burrow into it in the cutest fashion! He also gets along famously with our 60-lb Labrador, sleeping and playing together.

Miles is house trained and has not had any accidents at home. He will be an excellent companion for any home!

We’re delighted to report that Miles is currently in a loving and caring home!

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