Bichon Frise
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Mickey is a super snuggler and a precious little boy. Mickey is about 12 yrs old and weighs 7 pounds. He gets along with all dogs and people. He is likely a poodle mix and does not shed. Though blind, Mickey is fearless and navigates through places without hesitation. He’s in very good health, active but also content to hang out and does not bark. He shows no separation anxiety or bad habits. Mickey will happily snuggle with you or take to the hills for a good walk. Mickey just had a dental cleaning, his kisses are sweet and he is ready for love. He recently had surgery for one of his bad eyes. It no longer bothers him as the Doctor suggested it be removed.

Mickey’s Foster Mom writes, “Mickey can jump up on furniture and navigate up and down stairs all by himself. He likes other dogs but isn’t too playful with them. He’s active, does not bite at all. He loves his bones and will happily chew for an hour or more which keeps his teeth nice and clean. He is a good boy for baths and grooming. Mickey has a great personality!”

We’re delighted to report that Mickey is currently in a loving and caring home!

Mickey Mickey Mickey