Chihuahua, Long Coat/Mix
12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Do you love brushing silky hair? Do you love to cuddle? If you do, you NEED to meet Mr. Michels. This dapper long haired chihuahua just wants take short walks with you and discuss all of your stresses. Life is hard he gets it. Not only is he an excellent listener but he is also a good boy. He knows he’s small but he promises to be your biggest protector and your number one fan. He is great at going up and down stairs and he is extra friendly with dogs and cats alike. We can’t think of a single reason not to adopt Michael!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

He has very good potty habits, has not had a single accident and is ok with waiting 2-3 hours until we take him into the yard. We had a belly band on the first day but he did not even try to mark anywhere.

We have taken him on 30-45’ morning walks without trouble, he is usually quite energetic and pulling ahead of our other dog. He easily runs up and down staircases too.

We give him 65g/~2oz of wet food 3 times a day now and he seems to be getting closer to his normal weight. He does try to ask for a bit more food but he calms down soon after. Not a good fit for adopters who find it hard to be disciplined with their dogs begging for food or snacks, he would definitely gain too much weight in such a situation.

energy level

He is quite energetic when going on walks and when there is movement around the house but he is also happy to sleep during the day as we’re doing office work and/or in meetings, he likes to be close to someone but definitely doesn’t require constant attention.

As most chihuahuas he likes to lie next to (or on the lap of) his human. We have not yet tried to leave him home alone much.

He definitely likes his walkies, he is always enthusiastic and we have not encountered any limits yet in terms of slowing down or wanting to go back home. He is also a bit of a climber, he likes to find a higher place eg lie on top of the back of the sofa rather than on the sofa itself.

He easily runs up and down stairs and even figured out the little staircase to get on and off our bed without any training.He is great with our other dog and does not seem very aggressive with strange dogs or cats or other animals.

He snores loudly sometimes but other times his breathing is really quiet. Michaels rarely barks. He prefers communicating by wagging his tail and making adorable fake sneezes or sneeze-like sounds. On the occasion that he barks, it is usually because he believes that I am taking too much time to pour food into his bowl.On the first day I picked him up, as soon as he got home, he started exploring the house with confidence and soon discovered the couch. He jumped onto the couch without hesitation and actually climbed on top of a cushion that I was leaning against and fell asleep there, right next to my head!

The first night here, he kept trying to jump into the bed and sleep right next to us. Later he was feeling alright with sleeping in his bed next to us or on the floor or on a chair. But I would say he will feel the happiest if he can snuggle with you in the same bed.

We’re delighted to report that Michels is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Michels!
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