Chihuahua, Long Coat/Mix
12 lbs (small)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Do you love brushing silky hair? Do you love to cuddle? If you do, you NEED to meet Mr. Michael. This dapper long haired chihuahua just wants take short walks with you and discuss all of your stresses. Life is hard he gets it. Not only is he an excellent listener but he is also a good boy. He knows he’s small but he promises to be your biggest protector and your number one fan. He is great at going up and down stairs and he is extra friendly with dogs and cats alike. We can’t think of a single reason not to adopt Michael!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

He snores loudly sometimes but other times his breathing is really quiet. Michaels rarely barks. He prefers communicating by wagging his tail and making adorable fake sneezes or sneeze-like sounds. On the occasion that he barks, it is usually because he believes that I am taking too much time to pour food into his bowl.

After spending a few days with him, I sensed that he seems to prefer females and will initially be timid around males but with gentleness and patience he opens up to them with love and affection.We haven’t encountered any cats but met a few dogs during our walks. He seemed to be a little nervous around the bigger dogs. But he’s really friendly with humans who pass by him.

He’s a super good boy when it comes to going potty and going outside as well! No accidents in the house and he can hold up to a good 4-5 hours during the day(unless he drinks lots of water during that time) and sleeps well throughout the night. When he really needs to go, he will whimper and wag his tail at you to let you know the urgency of his business.

He’s mostly an indoor boy and feels comfortable with indoor spaces in general such as a mall or a public office. But he definitely enjoys short walks around the neighborhood multiple times.He’s eager to get on a leash to take a walk outside and he walks really well. He keeps a steady pace and follows the direction of your gentle tug on the leash.

When he goes outdoors, he seems a bit timid but still can handle the busy streets of San Francisco well enough for him to go potty. He also likes exploring our community courtyard as it’s more quiet and peaceful. This good boy can handle one or two flights of stairs quite easily unless he gets tired at the end of the day. We take short walks for a few blocks about 3-4 times a day.:

On the first day I picked him up, as soon as he got home, he started exploring the house with confidence and soon discovered the couch. He jumped onto the couch without hesitation and actually climbed on top of a cushion that I was leaning against and fell asleep there, right next to my head!

The first night here, he kept trying to jump into the bed and sleep right next to us. Later he was feeling alright with sleeping in his bed next to us or on the floor or on a chair. But I would say he will feel the happiest if he can snuggle with you in the same bed.

And as you can tell by his chonkiness, he loves food and it seems to be his other primary goal of life, second to snoozing off on every soft surface in the world. He eats his food like a puppy. Super fast and actually kinda too fast. And it never seems to be enough for him. Although he will keep staring at you, whimpering and even throwing a little tantrum. But he’s mature enough to know that you really mean no this time and will stop asking for more food.

When you are eating your own meal, he won’t break eye contact for a single second. It will take an owner with a firm hand to not overfeed him.

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