Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Want a new little angel in your life?? Here is your gal. MayLee is just that, a sweet baby girl, she never knew why she got abandoned in Sacramento but we are happy she is at Muttville now! She is a gentle little dumpling, loves to cuddle with her friends at Muttville and is a slow walker. Her big soulful eyes will make you melt! she is a quiet little girl, about 10 pounds and 9 years old!

MayLee’s foster Mom writes:

Within 24 hours of fostering MayLee my husband and I said, “Why would any sane person give up this sweet dog?!” MayLee is not only adorable, she is a fabulous cuddler, has a great appetite, sleeps well in her little bed (NEXT to ours!), walks well on leash, enjoys socializing at the dogpark and is not intimidated by larger dogs. She gets along well with our dog, is very quiet and doesn’t get riled up by his barking, enjoys her naps, doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety (we’ve left her alone at home with our dog for up to 5 hours) and is…wait for it…HOUSEBROKEN! We take her for potty runs 3 or 4 times a day and she is fine. She jumps for joy when we walk in the door, we’ve never felt so loved (not even by our own dog!) Did I mention she’s adorable? Who could resist that face when her big ole tongue is hanging out while she naps? She truly deserves to live out her years loving and being loved by a person/persons who will value all of her wonderful qualities. To meet MayLee is to love her!

We’re delighted to report that MayLee is currently in a loving and caring home!

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