6 lbs (toy)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Magic 8 Balls are pretty accurate, but they’ve got nothing on Maverick. Ask him anything: Will I get that big promotion? Does my crush love me back? Can this investment property withstand the short-term effects of climate change? His predictions are 100% reliable, especially regarding the stock market and major corporate dealings. He also loves snacks, snuggles, and short walks.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Maverick, Top Gun, Top Dog

What to say but Maverick has THE BEST personality. This handsome tiny gentleman is an IDEAL COMPANION and you’re in for a treat. He offers SERIOUS SNUGGLES as a lap dog. He warms up almost instantly. He is TRUSTING and quickly adapts to routine. He is easy to care for, adorable, gentle, loving, and curious. He is a big love bug ready to share his life with you.

Maverick loves naps and laps. When he’s not quietly napping in his bed, he will gladly crawl on your lap while you binge watch Netflix or he will look up at you longingly if he senses you could use some CUDDLES. He will remain perched on your lap enjoying each of your pets while trying to nestle closer to you.

Maverick loves food and is thriving on his current diet. He likes meals warmed up a smidge and will gladly lick it all up whenever offered. He also loves snacks and treats, mostly preferring beef and turkey flavor (over the seafood and fish variety).

Maverick can accompany you on short to medium length walks around the neighborhood or at the park, and he is also just as great in the yard. He knows to do his tinkle and poodoo business outside. On his first morning, right after waking up, I put him in the backyard and he instinctively knew it was time to do both number 1 and number 2. He enjoys stopping to smell the flowers on his walks and enjoys carefully investigating the neighborhood park being the little adventurer he is. And night, he knows to tinkle outdoors before bedtime then readily accepts a treat (with his medicine) before he peacefully turns in for his beauty sleep.

While Maverick can go up a short flight of stairs (about 6 steps), Maverick has trouble going down, so I carry him both up and down. He does not bark and does softly chirp once or twice when he wants your attention. He loves to be around his humans but doesn’t have to have their attention every minute. He is happy just resting independently in his bed while in the same room as you. He currently sleeps serenely from 10:30pm until 7:30am and has had no overnight accidents. He also rides well in the car. He is such a great little man.

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