10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

She’s a very sophisticated little lady. Classy. Cute. And Elegant. Martini is the type of girl who you take your time with. Why rush a good thing. She appreciates a slow approach, first recognize her beauty, pet her gently, and soon enough you will feel her warmth and love around you. This little Chihuahua deserves the world. Treats served to her on a platter, endless cuddles, and a sense of security. If you are ready to shake things up and live an intoxicating life with Martini by your side, let’s change her status to Adopted!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Martini is hands down the easiest dog I have ever cared for! She was very timid at first, but after a week or so with us, she began to open up and she has become a sweet little companion. She’s not a morning dog at all: usually she needs to be encouraged to get out of bed for her first walk of the day, and she declines breakfast until she’s ready for it (at which point she enthusiastically cleans her plate). When one of us is working from home, she’ll typically snooze for a good part of the day, but doesn’t mind a peppy midday walk, and in the afternoons sometimes she likes to be sneaky during zoom calls. She also does just fine when she’s left at home solo for several hours.

We’ve had her with us for two and a half weeks, and she appears to be totally housetrained! She doesn’t indicate when she needs to go out, so we’ve stuck to a pretty regular schedule. During walks, she does still get easily startled by loud noises, and sometimes darts in front of our feet to let us know when she’d like to be picked up. She is definitely capable of stairs, but she prefers to be carried. She’s also very quiet, in the time she’s been with us she has barked precisely four times, each time when she felt she needed to protect her human.

Martini doesn’t mind most other dogs, and she’s good with people as long as they give her a bit of time to get used to them. She seems just fine on car rides, especially if she can be on a lap.

Whoever adopts Martini is going to love having a small shadow by their side, in their arms, or on their lap!

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