75 lbs (large)
Est. age: 7 yrs
Status: Available

Sweet Maddie is a Goldilocks dog. Just right. Fluffy, friendly, and full of life, she socializes easily with dogs and people, including children. A reliable favorite at parties, she can entertain the guests or chill in a comfy spot on the edge of the action. She gets around just fine and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Except stairs. Not a fan. But really, is perfection all it’s cracked up to be? Never. Maddie is proof!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

She initially didn’t want to leave Muttville & get in my car. But once we left, she adapted very quickly. She gets excited when I get home from work and she loves to smile! She is so easy! Totally potty trained, sleeps through the night & has shown no issues being left alone.

She loves people! She even does that little snarl, which is a smile, when I came home from work!

Over the weeks I’ve learned that Maddie is great with all size dogs & kids!

She doesn’t wag her tail to strangers much, but there were 3 little girls, probably 5-6 yrs old today.They loved her, and Maddie was wagging her tail at them.

We saw all sorts of dogs today, and she was fine with all of them.

She’s good at outdoor restaurants, too.

Everytime I was worried about her size and temperament, she’s never failed me. She’s a gentle giant.

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