Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Maceo is as cool as a cucumber.

Maceo is a very sweet and friendly guy. He is gentle and quiet and prefers to listen to smooth jazz music. He is a very smart boy who is looking for a bright future. He is easy to love and a super friendly guy all around. He really loves people, snacks, and other dogs. He would make a wonderful addition to any home!

Maceo is estimated to be 12 years young and weighs 16lbs.


Maceo is a super sweet and gentle old guy. He is pretty mellow and spends most of his time napping or just hanging out in his bed. He always wakes up from his nap with his tongue poking out, it’s super cute! He likes his crate also spends time there, it makes him feel safe. We haven’t crated him for any long period of time but I think that he would tolerate crating just fine.

We were surprised to find that he also is definitely familiar with potty training and always goes potty as soon as we take him outside. He has had accidents, but I think that is more due to his being a senior.

Maceo is clearly new to being walked an a leash, but he is figuring it out really quickly and really enjoys going on short walks as he builds up his strength. His favorite activity on walks is to vigorously investigate bushes, usually until his whole head is stuck in a hedge! Since he is new to being on leash, he needs a gentle, patient touch.

The way to Maceo’s heart is definitely through food. The very first little tail wags we saw were at mealtime! He has a great appetite and loves to eat. He has shown no aggression or interest in our cat or dog (who he has met though a baby gate), so I think it’s a safe bet that he would coexist fine with both. Maceo will need a mature, calm household so he can truly blossom.

We’re delighted to report that Maceo is currently in a loving and caring home!

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