10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Macarena is such a sweetie and brings a warm glow wherever she goes. She’s quiet and unassuming, but is also friendly and gently greets everyone with a wagging tail. She’s also incredibly low maintenance, though she loves getting scritches if you’re willing to give them. She sleeps soundly through the night in her dog bed, is house trained and doesn’t need many potty breaks. She can easily handle our stairs but is too low to the ground to jump onto the couch or other furniture. She coexists peacefully with our resident dog and cat, as well as the dogs she meets on our walks.

She rides very nicely in the car and really enjoys her walks. At times she’ll have a short spurt of speed, but generally keeps a leisurely pace with a decent amount of sniffing stops. She’d be fine with less walks, though we notice she seems to prefer taking potty breaks on a walk instead of in our yard. She will also go on longer walks without complaint, though we can tell she’s starts slowing down and don’t want to push it.

She eats well and has no separation anxiety – opting to take a nap when we leave and greeting us with rumpled hair and a wagging tail when we return. She’s been with us for over a week and I’ve only heard her bark in her sleep.

Macarena is one of the easiest foster dogs that we’ve had, and everyone who meets her is charmed by her. She’ll make a wonderful addition to any home.

Macarena Macarena Macarena