10 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

Lovely Lovie really has a name that suits her! She is the loveliest little Chihuahua who is looking for someone to love her back. Her coat is the color of a midnight sky, her eyes always have a twinkle in them. She is a calm girl and doesn’t require a lot of attention. Just a few strolls in the sunshine and an occasional treat or two. Lovie is friendly with other dogs and wouldn’t mind having a sibling to play with! If you want a sweet and extra chill pup who has an enormous amount of love to give, let us introduce you to Lovie!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Lovie is indeed sweet – the perfect Valentines treat. She is very good-natured and comes to us when we call her, tail always wagging. (Doesn’t know the name Lovie yet but is happy to be near us). Things she loves – making her bed! She loves burrowing between blankets in her dog bed and spelunkinng into the caves she creates. She cannot sleep until she does a thorough job fussing over this activity. She communicates with muttering and frets, but leave her be and once she’s made her bed properly, (it only takes about five very active minutes) she goes right to sleep.

She hasn’t barked at anything so far. Doesn’t seem like a barker. Will communicate with you though – likes to talk a bit, but not ongoing. Just occasionally here and there. She’s really very polite, and if you say, "Are you a good dog? Or "Go lay down, she’s absolutely listened so far.

When we saw her with other dogs at Muttville she was a happy social butterfly – greeted every dog she met, tail wagging.

I really enjoyed walking her today. She doesn’t get obsessed with smells or other dogs. She’s a very streamlined walker who doesn’t veer hither and thither or stop a lot. She had plenty of energy for the eight blocks we walked today, but was contented to come home for eats and sleeps. She’d a good girl!

So far likes to know I’m near and settles very quickly (after bed-making, that is!) into a bed at my feet. I worked at home all day and she was very easy. Went to the potty when I took her out. Easy-peasy.

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