Pekingese/Griffon, Brussels
12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Straight out of a pin ball machine, Louie the blind shih-tzu terrier mix is making waves at Muttville! His beautiful round body resembles a bouncy ball that has been covered in a mound of fluff. He is sweet and friendly and knows how to have a good time! Just call his name and he will come runnin! After he boops his nose on the wall and couch of course, but that doesn’t stop Louie! Give him a few days and he will have the entire place memorized! Want to rob a bank? Louie is your man. He will have the place mapped out in no time. Not that we condone bank robbery but if you are looking for a new partner in crime Louie is your guy!

Here’s some notes from his foster :

Louie is a perfect lap dog. He is very friendly and upbeat, constantly wagging his tail and looking for belly rubs. He has perfect potty behavior. He is definitely working on increasing his steps. He is slow but feels very safe and enjoys walking around and sniffing at the dog park (a yard or patio would be great for him). He is great with my dog but very interested in his person. He would likely sleep in his bed at night, but he has been sleeping with me and I think enjoys knowing there is somebody close by. He has the cutest little snore. G

We’re delighted to report that Louie is currently in a loving and caring home!

Louie Louie