9 lbs (small)
Est. age: 14 yrs
Status: Available

Lenny is a distinguished scholar with a PHD in lap warming. He has studied laps his entire life, and became the world’s most recognizable lap authority when he appeared on the Today Show to talk about the joy a rescue mutt can bring to a cold lap in need. If you can handle the paparazzi, then adopting Lenny will bring you all the warmth you could ever need.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Lenny doesn’t make a peep, you almost forget he’s there. He walks well and is completely non reactive to other dogs (on or off leash) Lenny likes to snuggle in a bed (human or dog!) and pretty much does his own thing.

Lenny is a super chiller, loves to relax in cozy places (his bed, a blanket, our daughters stuffed animal pile). He can go on decent walks without issue and can get down stairs by himself – have done 25 min walk with no issue. Lenny gets along well with our senior dog and 3 year old daughter. Very much co exists happily together.

Lenny adores sitting on your lap and being close to you at all times. This little fellow is a great cuddle buddy! Adopt Lenny today at Muttville Senior dog rescue, “I can be your next best friend!”

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