Chihuahua, Short Coat
5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

“Where is Lemonade? we asked, trying to find this sweet doggo to give her some dinner. She was found snuggled in a giant blanket, happy as a clam. Lemonade appreciates a good snoozle in a warm place, and she is so tiny you better not lose track of where she’s snoogling! You’d hate to miss offering her snack time.

Here’s a note from her foster:

Take your chances at meeting this miniature lemur and I will guarantee your heart will melt. She is the perfect lap-dog/therapy dog: sweet, calm, and fun-sized!

When first meeting Ms. Lemonade, she can be shy. However, she learns to adapt to her surroundings very quickly. Ms. Lemonade loves dogs and humans of all sizes!

She is very calm and quiet by nature. She loves to cuddle and nap most of the day away and makes the more adorable coos during her deep sleeps. She enjoys being under heavy blankets and is quite content with a lap as well! When she is fully awake, she will skit and prance around our home looking for someone to give her attention or food. She does not bark or bite and does very well with grooming.

She also has a great appetite! If she is hungry, she would eat almost anything: From small chicken pieces to softened vegetables! Even though she is not picky, we recommend soft foods. She is currently being fed a mix of The Farmer’s Dog and pre-softened Nutro kibble.

Ms. Lemonade is partially house-trained. She understands that she is allowed to go potty on pee-pads and doggie lawns. However, if she is disoriented to where the bathroom is, she may have a little accident. Fortunately, she is small, so clean-up is quite easy.

She loves going outside, but not to walk, but to explore! She loves prancing in the grass for a short period before being picked up or placed in a carry bag.

We’re delighted to report that Lemonade is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Lemonade!
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