8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Latke, a gentle, slow-going sweetheart who enjoys short walks, relaxing, and being gorgeous. Back when Latke was studying to become a male model his professors always emphasized the importance of not being snooty, and that advice has stuck with him to this day. He’s so very sweet, friendly, and polite! Take this handsome boy home with you and begin gazing into those big, brown, love-filled eyes asap.

Here’s some notes from his foster :

Latke is extremely sweet and loyal. He wants to be your right hand man, but understands that sometimes you may need a break from his undivided attention, so he’ll politely find a blanket to curl up under. He’s very quiet except for some soft whining when he’d like some attention. Since he loves people so much, we were worried he would have separation anxiety, but he doesn’t! He’s very good at self soothing. The first time we left him alone, he managed to get ahold of one of my sweatshirts, and we found him curled up inside when we got back. SO CUTE.

He gets along fine with our other dogs. He’ll try to get them to engage with him, but they’re usually not interested, so he doesn’t push it. He’s extremely respectful of everyone’s personal space, but will climb into bed with another dog if they’ll let him! We think he’d get along fine as an only dog or with a pack. He’s just a very laid back little dude.

We take him out every couple hours and he sleeps through the night. He loves food and treats! He also likes to sniff around on walks, and can do short to medium length walks. Overall, 10/10, a very good dog.

We’re delighted to report that Latke is currently in a loving and caring home!

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