13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Super sweet Lamont is a well seasoned outdoors kind of pup. He knows where all of the cool camping spots are and can put up a tent in less then 15 minutes. This isn’t your average tent either ladies and gentlemen. It’s large enough to fit a group of ten and comes with a sunroof and a generator. This way you can look at the stars while surfing the Internet. Bing! So throw on your hiking shoes and pack a bag because Lamont is ready to take you on a grand adventure!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Lamont is a sweet little guy with an easy-going personality. He settled into our home quickly and figured out all of his favorite spots to snooze, which he’s a pro at! He peacefully coexists with our dog, and loves to hang out where ever you are.

He hasn’t had any accidents in the house, so as far as we can tell, he’s house trained. He knows how to walk on a leash, is calm during car rides, and has a very hearty appetite – he tap-dances his way into the kitchen whenever we’re there! He’s happily met new people and dogs and seems to like going on walks.

Most of all, Lamont loves treats and being showered with affection – if you stop petting him, he will nuzzle you with his head to ask you to keep going! Overall, he’s a wonderful dog and we’ll miss him when he moves on to his forever home!

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