La Croix

La Croix

14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

This bubbly boy is full of sparkle and variety! You will instantly be addicted to his personality and fall hard for his charm. La Croix has enough scruff to snuggle and extra pep to keep you motivated. Who needs coffee when you have this little Terrier in your life? His sweetness and spunk is enough to keep you on your toes. He will take you for walks, snuggle you when you feel down, and fan you with his tail on a warm summer’s day. If this sounds enticing to you, pop the top and bring La Croix home!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

His favorite pastime is wandering about the house testing out each dog bed (or laundry pile) for maximum comfort. He isn’t your typical velcro dog where he is always on top of you but he demands you are always in the vicinity and that you make him aware of your whereabouts at all times. I think this has to do with his eyesight and being in an unfamiliar place. It seems he can somewhat see but definitely appears impaired, especially at night. I think this is why he does not like being alone. He appears perfectly potty trained!

We were hoping our dogs at home would help but he does not seem too interested in them. I could see if he were to bond with another dog it might help but sadly our pups aren’t particularly interested in the role of guide dogs. So, we have taken him everywhere and he has been a great companion on all our errands and has gotten so much love from everyone who has met him. He enjoys a 1-2 short walks/day, he does well with passing bikes/dogs/joggers/etc. Does well in a car. And LOVES food, but prefers you sit next to him while he eats. He enjoys meal time the old fashioned way, together!

We went on a big adventure to the farmers market this weekend and he did so well. Between kids, other dogs, bikes, skateboards he was totally unbothered! He let all the people pet him and was very patient when we went shopping after.

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