Spaniel, American Cocker
22 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 16 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Nothing is better then a motorcycle riding cocker spaniel! That’s our opinion anyway. Kozi is always hitting the pavement, ears blowing in the wind, chops a flappin. The type of guy who refuses to leave without his helmet and registration up to date. He definitely isn’t a rebel. Likes to follow the rules, and would never cheat at a game of yahtzee. Kozi enjoys his me time, just his thoughts and the road in front of him. His favorite scenic route has always been to ride along the coastline. Watching the sunset calms him. When Kozi is not out riding, he is usually spending time with his loved ones. Everyone knows they can always count on Kozi. The perfect family man. Your best friend. And an awesome cuddle buddy! Who doesn’t want to cozy up with Kozi?

Here’s some notes from his foster

Kozi is in great shape for his age. He has the usual old folks hip and back legs stiffness but can walk around the block without any problems. He may need some assistance getting down a step or getting onto the couch. He likes to follow the humans around during the day especially in the kitchen and takes little naps while we are just hanging out. He loves to cuddle and will nap in your arms. He sleeps through the night very well in his own bed. He gets along with everyone, has no reaction to small critters in the yard, and loves all humans especially the ones with treats! He eats well and is not picky. He is house trained and only needs to go out 2 times a day. He’ll let out a few barks sometimes after we leave the house or when he wants something but settles down quickly when he realizes no one is there. Kozi will be a great pup for anyone who needs a chilling companion!

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