Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie
6 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

How many Kiwi’s can you fit into your pocket? We are thinking at least 5! This pocket size Yorkie is tinier then ever and also overflowing with sweetness! She is extra friendly to all the people and dogs she meets, and knows her way around the shopping mall. Need a shopping partner? Kiwi is ready to shop the day away as long as you promise her you guys can make a pit stop at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels! Her favorite is any that comes hot, fresh, and cheesy! Sometimes you might need to hide her credit card because she likes to blow all her money on hairbows and handbags! Not sure you have room in your closet but she has a ton of shoes she plans on bringing with her. We are in the process of downsizing, not to worry!

Here’s some notes from her foster :

Kiwi is a very active explorer. Usually on her feet and revisiting all the corners of the house!

I rarely see her nap or sleep other than at bedtime. She can also be a bit yappy during the day when she wants to play or go outside, so she may not be great for someone who takes a lot of work calls from home.

We haven’t figured out which name she responds to, so sometimes it’s a bit hard to get her attention or to tell her to sit.

On walks, she likes to zigzag and stop and smell all the roses. More of a leader than a follower. (: Because of her cough I haven’t let her sniff other dogs, but she doesn’t seem rowdy or reactive at all, so I think she will be polite.

She is fine sleeping in her bed in another room, but would try to come cuddle in our bed. I think she would enjoy sleeping beside her human on their bed.

She also seems fine being left home alone for a few hours.

She eats well and will take her medication in her food with no complaints.

We’re delighted to report that Kiwi is currently in a loving and caring home!

Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi