8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Born in a small provincial town in France in 1924, Keiko was raised by two bakers and still carries the scent of freshly baked bread on his fur. After the war, Keiko was hired onto a fishing vessel to bake his renowned goods for the ship’s rowdy crew. This is where Keiko learned fencing. Upon arriving in The US, Keiko started his own business in a traveling wagon-a combination mobile fencing studio and bakery. He is humble, yet talented. Loving, yet stoic. Learned, yet illiterate. If you are looking for a sparring partner, artisanal French baguettes and/or unconditional love please post a carrier pigeon to Keiko’s traveling wagon. The pigeon will know where to go.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Are you into PERFECT dogs? Because Keiko’s about to blow your mind.

Maybe you’re worried about his age – fair! – and you can’t stop every two hours for an old-dog bladder, or to calm a pacing, yowling monkey-dog who’s grouchy, blind, incontinent, and will only eat hand-fed caviar.

However, Keiko is none of these things! He is truly amazing on a leash and in a car, unbothered by loud motorcycles, strange men, rain, skateboards, sirens, and is compleeeetely chill meeting other dogs – big and small, nosy or aloof – and his bladder control is ON POINT. Like, seriously, he gets the gold medal for pee control. It’s unbelievable.

He is not particularly picky about food, sleeps through the night, and is so freaking cheerful on walks. He bops along on a loose leash at a steady happy pace that is neither too fast nor too slow, making quick visual check-ins with you. He loves a short walk! He loves a long walk! Stamina for days! (Also applies to his napping capabilities.) You will be greeted with "Oh, what a cutie! multiple. times. per. walk. every. single. walk. Downside? Gonna need a publicist.

At home, he will sit and look at you adoringly, and might follow you, eventually, when he’s done with his beauty rest, but he’s not going to demand attention – or anything, really, it’s just not his vibe. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he’s barely made a single sound. Faced with new people, new dogs, new scenes, bathtime, brushings, the neighbor’s cat outside, or when there are just waaaay too many stairs? He speaks with that cute little face. (He can go up and down most normal-sized stairs and will even hop out of a car on his own… but he hesitates if he doesn’t know where the steps lead. Cuz he’s also a genius.)

Even if he needed regular medication – and he does not! – he’s incredibly chill being handled and readily eats soft snacks from your hand. Did I mention HE’S PERFECT?

Seriously, the other dogs on the block want you to adopt him soon; he’s making them look bad

We’re delighted to report that Keiko is currently in a loving and caring home!

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