Karl the Dog

Karl the Dog

18 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Who is inherently cool, has cozy vibes, and is only found in San Francisco? It’s not Karl the Fog, but Karl the Dog! Karl is the latest addition to the Muttville family. He is an incredibly handsome Lhasa Apso/Maltese mix. Karl is looking for a patient and loving family to call his own in his next chapter of life – he also doesn’t mind sharing and gets along well with other dogs! While our Karl has some vision impairment, that doesn’t at all limit his capacity to love and be a very good boy, he just needs a bit of help navigating at times. Perfectly cute and loyal, Karl will make a wonderful best pal, but don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Karl the Dog or is it Karl the Snuggler?

What can I say about Karl, the dog? When I picked him up, he had just got done with a major surgery (dental & eye mass removal) and was very shaken up. The poor guy wanted to just be left alone. The dude just ended up sleeping for 4 days straight, just getting up to pee and have a bite of something soft to chew. The gentle soul was in pain and just had to rest it off. The cone (of protection vs shame!) was on him all the time :/ His cone came off eventually since he’d been such a good boy and so well-behaved. And he’s an inspiration for a lot of us folks who want to prioritize personal wellness. He can show how how to take the time to for a proper nap.

He spends about 14-16 hrs sleeping! A lot more in the beginning when he got here since he probably was recovering and wanted to catch up on eons of missed sleep. I think he was finally able to.

And slowly his personality started to come out. It’s been just about 2 weeks since he’s been with us and he’s shown us that he is a super well-behaved boy and easygoing. He was found stray, but don’t think he’s been that way earlier in his life.

He’s almost 90% vision impaired and about 110% deaf… no ambulances or any police sirens can wake him up from his deep slumber!

He’s a sweetheart and super gentle, and intelligent in his own way, despite his apparent shortcomings (or might it be his superpowers?). I have no doubt that he’ll win anyone over in no time.

And incase you missed in the title, Yup, he’s a snuggler. If he’s by you, he’ll curl his whole body in a way and snuggle up and get comfortable, you don’t need to do much! Cozying up is his thing.

He’s a club leader in the cuddle club hands down…. and in my humble opinion, he should be named – Karl The Snuggler!

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