8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Are you ready to be wrapped up in so much love?! if so Kaftan is your girl!

This special mama is not only beautiful, but she’s the perfect mix of someone who can chill out on the couch but also get you out for some good walks.

Here is what her foster has to say:

Kaftan is a friendly gal that stops to say "hello to literally every person and pup that comes her way! She is so wonderful on the leash and enjoys short walks. After walks and meals, she will bury under the blankets for a nap and it’s the cutest thing! Kaftan surprised us with her “begging” dance and is the master of all basic commands. She enjoys the occasional sunbathing and acts silly from time to time.

She is still getting used to staying home alone and hopefully with time can feel more relaxed while we’re away. She is also still working on her potty training but she’s a smart cookie and she’s making good progress! Also, we can tell she would really enjoy having a fur sibling to hang with and keep her company all day.

We’re delighted to report that Kaftan is currently in a loving and caring home!

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