14 lbs (small)
Est. age: 11 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Meet Julia, the startup CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) who recently gave a TED talk on the mental health benefits of slow walkies. Julia says it’s important to exercise your snoot at least once a day by sniffing flowers, small trash, pee-pee, or dirty snacks that your human will try and wrestle out of your mouth. The best part? Julia is ready to walk and smell it all with you.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Julia is a sweet little chihuahua mix that is very friendly with all people and dogs she meets. Around the apartment, she greets all my roommates and me with her waggy tail and inquisitive face. On our walks, she allows any dog to say hi to her as long as they’re friendly too. She’s a very well-behaved girl around everyone!

At home, she definitely likes to play with her hoomans, but if you’re too busy with work or chores, she’s also a little Miss Independent! If you have something to do, she usually does her own thing which is sleeping in her bed or sleeping wherever the sun is seeping through! She is very much a big believer in naps & naps under the sun and/or blanket! If she has a phrase for her lifestyle, it’s “Blanket is life!”

She has no separation anxiety either! I’ve left her at home for a couple of hours during the day and late at night. So she is ok at home alone so you can do your errands or go out with friends!

She is a little overweight, so some good walks are in order for her! She’s a good walker and each day I’ve been increasing her distances. So far, she’s taking it like a champ! She has no problems with stairs and can go up & down easily. Her potty training is going great, as long as you give her 3 walks a day, she won’t make a mess in the home.

She is 90% of the time quiet, but if a sudden noise happens or if something startles her, she will start mildly barking. Usually, when she finds the source of the strange or random noise, she quiets down. The usual scenario would be if my roommate makes a noise in the other room, she will bark, see what the noise is and once she sees what it is, she quiets down.

Lastly, her eating habits are a bit tricky. She’s very picky about what she eats. She rarely will eat the same dog food 2 times in a row. So what I’ve been doing is warming her food up a little to give it some extra aroma and using a lick mat since she has no teeth. She will eat steamed chicken no problem!

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