9 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available for hospice adoption

How to Adopt

Urban dictionary says that Juanita is a beautiful girl who stands up for her friends.

She has a very kind heart and is always willing to help others. This description couldn’t get any more accurate. Growing up in Dogwood was RUFF for Juanita. Her nubby little tail made her the center of attention and cruel jokes. It really hurt her feelings, but she tried her best to ignore the haters. It wasn’t until her senior year in college when a well known (and verified) famous instagram influencer revealed that she too had a short little tail. Word on the streets spread fast, and soon everyone wished they had a cute and nubby tail. Juanita finally felt gorgeous and wasn’t afraid anymore to let her wag out in front of anyone. Head now held high, this girl became the talk of the town. The only name she answer to now is Bonita Juanita!

Juanita is such a sweet and mellow little lady. Her short little legs and adorable bobtail booty make her impossible to resist. Juanita has that classic chihuahua devotion to her person and will putter around the house after you, following you from room to room. Juanita’s preferred lifestyle is couch-potato. She is your perfect companion for your next Netflix binge. Juanita enjoys short walks but does not need much exercise. When she is not napping Juanita likes to sit in her window bed to sniff the breeze and watch the cars go by. She gets along well with both our dog and our cat. Juanita is definitely familiar with the concept of potty training and will do her business right away when you take her outside. Due to her age related conditions she has a hard time holding it for more than a couple hours and can’t make it overnight without a potty pad. If you take her out very frequently she does a great job. Juanita likes treats and happily takes her meds inside pill pockets. For meals she likes to come back and forth to her bowl throughout the day to graze. Juanita is truly such a lovable and good-natured little dog and would fit well into almost any home.

Juanita Juanita Juanita Juanita Juanita Juanita Juanita Juanita