11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Can you even handle how cute Joshua is!?

This guy is your perfect work or hang at home buddy. His foster mom he sleeps through all of her work calls and loves lounging the day away. He’s a pretty chill guy and doesn’t have a lot of energy to expel so he’d be right at home in an apartment or any home.

He is a perfect little bundle of joy!

Here’s a note from his foster:

Joshua is a great socializer! If you are looking for a buddy who will always be happy to welcome your friends and family, he is the right boy for you. He also loves making friends with other dogs, of any size and personality…just one rule: he MUST be the last to mark the territory! Joshua has great eyesight and nose, but do not expect to be heard. His ears have retired!

During the day he LOVES having long and deep naps. For him, what matters is to be able to enjoy your company while he dreams. If you are lucky enough you may even hear him barking (and often snoring) in a dream.

He will rarely refuse to go for a walk! At the moment he is having 4 walks a day for about 10/15 minutes. I believe his mission is to mark as many trees as possible during the walk. I assume he’s working on his Guinness world record.

There are two very peculiar facts about Joshua that I must share even though he won’t be happy with that:

- sometimes he likes to poop in very bizarre locations: above a plant or on the wall (ALWAYS outdoor!). He will make you laugh, I swear!

- I think he has a disproportionately heavier bottom than his upper body and so if you hear a thud in the house do not be alarmed, it is simply Joshua who has found the ideal position for a nap.

Make sure to always have food in the house, because Joshua lacks hearing but not appetite!

We’re delighted to report that Joshua is currently in a loving and caring home!

Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua

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