18 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

All mutts are a fine bouillabaisse of breeds, each made by scratch without a recipe. Jorts is no exception. We’re thinking some chi, doxie, beagle, possibly a hint of terrier, and loads of charisma. His ears are a glorious mystery and his posture is without peer. Jorts has acquired exquisite manners and social skills in his eventful life, making him a favorite of dogs and people. He’s trim and fit, but mostly he’s really cool. Hang with him soon; you’re bound to vibe.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Jorts is very social. He is a loving and trusting dog. He isn’t shy or overly trepidatious. If you walked into the dog park and saw Jorts sitting next to one of my friends on the bench, you’d think they were BFFs. You wouldn’t have guessed that they had just met five minutes prior. Jorts really likes people. He isn’t shy about meeting new people. He likes to be cuddled and pet. Anyone can put their arms around him or pick him up. Jorts also likes meeting new dogs. When a new dog enters the park, Jorts gets off his duff and greets them. It’s quite the lesson in manners and kindness. There is definitely a charm about Jorts that people (and some dogs_ cannot resist, and I’ve observed that Jorts isn’t bothered by a slightly invasive sniff. I’ve never had a foster dog that inspired so much love so quickly.

Jorts is resilient and acclimates quickly. When I picked him up from Muttville, I was informed that he had a dental procedure in the morning but that you wouldn’t know it because of how alert and spry he was. I put Jorts into his car seat, and we drove back to my home without any restlessness or whining (from him). Jorts just laid in his car seat and dozed as I petted him. When we arrived, he peed on the lawn, and then went in and took a nap with the other dogs. Then, when it was time to go out again, he went with the flow and followed me with complete trust.

Jorts like to give kisses (not the sneekly French ones) and rest his head on you. He sleeps soundly though the night. Then he goes back to sleep with the other dogs while I work. Jorts is active and spry. He walks well on leash – no pulling or lagging. He runs back and forth at the dog park and definitely wants to chomp on the squirrels on the other side of the fence. Jorts can go up and down stairs. He can jump up on benches and beds and get down on his own.

Jorts has a good appetite, isn’t too fussy with food. Jorts seems fine being on his own, though I think he would do better in the company of other dogs. He is not destructive and just lays down and takes it easy until I return. I think Jorts can definitely be an only dog, as long as he gets a lot of attention from his owner.

Whoever snaps up Jorts is going to get a much loved-up pup. There does seem to be a certain something that draws people to him. It hasn’t been that long. The staff at Muttville love him. My friends at the dog park love him. If a friend at the dog park didn’t already have two dogs, she would have adopted him in a heartbeat. It doesn’t take long for everyone to love him.

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