5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

JoBeth is a lovely girl with excellent manners and impressive sleeping skills. She is blind and slightly cautious at first. Once she smells you however, she knows you are her person and will search you out for cuddles. JoBeth would make a great companion for someone who likes a lap dog and a good listener. Watch her ears perk up when you tell her she’s going home with you forever.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

When getting JoBeth, I was anticipating a “couch potato” and a completely blind dog. Both have turned out to be not accurate :)

Her sight is impaired – greatly – but that does not mean she bangs her head against the walls. She has spatial orientation, and can detect doorways and hallways. She will also see movement – so when a dog passes her in the park, she will change direction to go towards it. She responds to you when you lean in for a kiss, or when you take steps towards her to pick her up. She will still stumble over shoes and miss steps, but for large objects she does a good job not colliding.

She is so smart. She goes towards your voice when you say her name, and she knows the sound of a treat bag opening. The smell of meat makes her bonkers.

She loves being close to people. When I come home she follows me around the house and sometimes sits outside the shower until I am done. When the lights go off, she leaves her bed in the living room and makes her way to the edge of my bed. She will whine and bark (adoringly) until we pick her up and bring her into bed. She burrows her body into the bedding until a part of her is touching me. Some mornings I wake up with her head on my shoulder. Sometimes she is awake, and just likes the comfort of watchin me. She definitely is one that needs cuddle fests frequently.

She is incredibly curious. The moment I brought her to my apartment, she started “mapping” it out and walking into each room. She likes to walk on your projects and see what you are doing and if she can be a part of it. When in a new place, she is very active. And in parks, she just wanders and you wander with her. She will pee frequently at parks, but tends to not pee when you quickly put her outside for 5 minutes. She eats when she feels like it, and does not drink water. I have to add water to her meal just to ensure she gets some. She has not had one accident in the house, and pees on grass easily. She does not do well on a leash, as she is blind-ish, so your best bet is to allow her to wander, and follow where she goes.

Her favorite thing to do is find blankets and piles of clothes to climb into. Laundry day is her favorite day. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a dog is in our home, and then you’ll see a blanket on the ground move. When she sleeps in your arms, she loves to dig her head between your arm and ribcage, moving her head back and forth every 5-10min.

We’re delighted to report that JoBeth is currently in a loving and caring home!

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