9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

This cutie patootie is not only soft and adorable, but she’s also great with other dogs, and has the most glorious underbite. We can’t wait to see her cinderella story complete – she’s gone from streets to treats, and only has great things ahead. Someone hurry up and adopt her before one of us does.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Jem needs a little time to come out of her shell but it will be so worth the wait if you’re patient! Soon she’ll be approaching you with loving tail wags and asking for more scratches.

She is good on small steps but flights of stairs are likely too much, so little to no steps or someone who can pick her up would be best. She does well being held but needs gentle handling and a warning before you pick her up. She is easily startled and still warming up to human touch so patience is key to build trust!

She has done very well with going to the bathroom outside as long as she is consistently brought out.

She doesn’t love putting her harness on but she adores walks and happily prances around outside. Jem seems to do really well with all dogs but she seems especially playful and happy around small dogs so would make a wonderful playmate.

She devours her soft wet food and is very food motivated; you may catch her very politely begging if there is food around. She will definitely respond well to treat training!

We have yet to hear her make a peep and she loves to curl up for naps throughout the day. She also sleeps soundly through the entire night. In fact, you’ll likely have to wake her up in the morning!

Jem’s easy going personality would make a wonderful addition to any family. She can’t wait to meet you!

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