12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Jedd has the look and aura of a cuddly shaman: Soulful cinnamon eyes, prodigious ears, a velvety coat with dignified white accents. He appears to be part Yoda and part Pikachu, occasionally shy as he collects deep thoughts; frequently curious and cuddly as he spreads his calm, loving energy to dogs and people. He may be small, but his benevolence is mighty, and his cuteness has magical properties. Adopt him today for an enchanted tomorrow!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Jedd is a quiet boy that wants to be by your side where ever you go. He is still a bit shy when you approach him but if you let him come to you first he is a cuddler. He doesn’t take long to warm up to you. He loves long walks and is excellent on a leash. He is a very agile older pup that can jump on and off the couch and has no problems with stairs. He loves to sleep in bed with you but will sleep in his own bed next to your bed if you prefer. He seems fine with quiet, and well behaved children. For an older guy he has a lot of spring in his step and a lot of love to give.

Jedd Jedd Jedd Jedd Jedd