Jean Genie

Jean Genie

Retriever, Labrador/Shepherd
52 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Who let this spry goddess into Muttville? We only rescue senior dogs, and Jean Genie might have snuck in with a fake ID. Luckily for Miss Genie, we are already in love. She is gorgeous, gentle, polite, and great with other dogs. She’d probably go on a hike with you if you ask. Her hobbies include modeling, tail wagging, and rocking out to David Bowie.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Jean Genie is extremely fond of people. She’s good with dogs – ignores most of them on the street, is nice to my little chihuahua (1/6 her size). She has bonded really quickly, eager to be where I am and patiently waiting while I do whatever mundane thing I have to do. She will jump for joy when the harness comes out, and is good on a leash with only occasional pulls when she smells something she really really wants to investigate.

She is in great shape and would love to have long, long walks or hikes, and she’ll go wherever and whenever you want to. She’s also super happy to curl up next to you on the sofa, and despite being a bit of a bed hog is a joy to snuggle with. I’ve never heard her whine or complain when I leave. And she’s not super clingy, but if you look like you’re about to give her a pat or two, she is ecstatic.

She seems really smart and catches on quickly. I’ve only heard her bark when a few men she’d never seen before came in – nothing threatening, just a loud alert. She is quite tall and is an accomplished counter surfer, so watch out!

Peeing and pooping schedule seems easy – after one accident when she first arrived, it’s been morning / midday / night for bathroom breaks. Big walk midday, quick breaks morning and night. That’s my schedule, though; I’m sure she’ll catch on to whatever schedule suits you. Though she hasn’t complained, I do think she’d prefer to her person as much as possible.

Does she sound perfect? If you’re looking for a lively, attentive, active, goofy snuggly partner, she is!

We’re delighted to report that Jean Genie is currently in a loving and caring home!